Friday, June 2, 2017

Swirling Secrets Re-Release!

Hiya peeps, and TGIF!

Hopefully you all are doing awesome, and have some fun plans for this weekend. I'm super excited, because I'm finally re-releasing my Swirling Secrets trilogy!

I've been working on this project for nearly a year - even before I published the final book in the series. I wanted to get the covers just right, and I wanted to re-do the interior formatting, but needed to figure out a few things first. As I learn about self-publishing, my knowledge and understanding has grown, and unfortunately, it out-grew where I had been when I published this series. Especially Desi Pere. That seems pretty typical for this biz, and really, what can ya do.

It's all a learning process, and I'm glad to finally feel comfortable enough to get this series re-published! It matches what I imagined for it from the start, finally. I'm super proud of the story and world I created in this trilogy, and I am excited to finally get it polished up the way it deserves!

The new house is definitely a big reason I finally got it done. Not only because we are settling in and there is less stress now, but also because it's a wonderful space, and I feel a whole lot more creative here. This project normally would have taken me at least a week, and I got all four of my books done in a day and a half, completely overhauled & redone. Wowza! =D

So, before I explode any more excitement and gushing all over you guys, check out the new covers!! =D

 Desi Pere

 Sospi Tare

 Prae Lium

The overall cover themes are the same, but the few changes I did make really help them pop, I think. I love the title font, and each image really catches your eye. At least, that's what beta testers said. ;)

The majority of the formatting changes happened to the paperback editions, as eBook formatting is fairly generic, and you don't really get to have the same fun with fonts and whatnot. At least I'm not - I'd rather let a reader choose their fonts, and keep it simple, since that's part of the point of eReaders.

So, for those of you who enjoy paperbacks, there are a few special changes in each of the paperback books! In my opinion, they have far more personality now, and it all fits the story much better.

It does take a few days for Amazon to catch up and get everything set up, so I'll share another post next week when they are ready for purchasing. It is supposed to take 1-3 business days, so fingers crossed for the beginning of next week!

If you are planning to pick up a copy, I truly appreciate it! I couldn't imagine a better outcome to the re-release! =D

You may have noticed, earlier in this post I mentioned I reformatted and overhauled all four of my books. Yep! While this post is only featuring the Swirling Secrets series, I'll have a post coming up real soon featuring the re-release of Being Brooke's B.F.F.

Keep an eye out for that, and let me know what you think of these covers in the comments below!

Thanks for visiting! =D

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