Monday, March 6, 2017

Excerpt Fun!

Hiya peeps! Happy Monday! =D

I'm working on some promo stuff today, mainly for Desi Pere. I have been putting it off for several months, and finally sat down and did it today! I love working on Photoshop and designing things like banners, teasers and promo pics, so it was definitely a fun day. Great way to start the week.

It got me thinking though - I don't share much about  my books, except the covers. As I figure out how to do this whole author-as-a-career thing, more things make sense as I go along. I wasn't sure how to share more, without feeling blah about it, and I've learned it just takes time. It also takes confidence, to start talking about your book to people, even on the internet. At least, it does when you're chronically, horribly, pathetically shy and socially phobic like I am.

Anyway, I want to share more about my books with you guys, so I'm starting today!

Here is an excerpt from Desi Pere, since I'm always talking about it.

“How can you not like eggs?” Lesley exclaimed, being her usual overly dramatic self.

“I just don't like them. They're bland, boring, and I'd rather have something else.” I replied, shrugging.

“Well that's why you add things to them to make them more interesting. Like cheese, or olives, or tomatoes, or bacon, or-”

“If I have to add a laundry list of stuff to make it worth eating, why would I want to eat it?”

“Because they're good for you.”

“Eh. Says some. Others say they're bad, so that argument fails.” I insisted, egging her on. Getting her flustered was always fun, and I'd grown to enjoy our ridiculous conversations when I was still in school with her.

“Ok, well, they are filling, and have hardly any calories, so you work it all off quick.”

“Except for all that bacon and cheese.”

“Argh! So, run a few laps!”

“They just gross me out, so it doesn't matter what's put with them.”

“Why do they gross you out? They're eggs.”

“Exactly! Eating dead, cooked babies – gross.”

She rolled her eyes at me, but I could see the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She was enjoying this too. Good.

“Ok, I give up. Have your boring bagel, and I'll enjoy my fluffy, cheesy eggs.” She proved her point by inhaling a fork full of eggs.

I couldn't help but laugh as she made a dramatic and noisy show of enjoying her breakfast, drawing the attention of the other patrons around us.

“Oh my gosh, people are looking. Do we need to get you a room?”

“For these eggs, maybe!”

We both broke out in giggles, and for a moment, I forgot about my mission.

It was difficult for me to see this bubbly, friendly, outgoing person in front of me as someone who would kidnap and torture my mom. Or at least, work with people who would kidnap and torture my mom. Something just didn't feel right – something was off.

I had to figure it out, which still meant getting into Lesley's group.

I had a lot of fun writing that scene, and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

To check out more of this book, pick up a copy of FREE on Amazon!

More to come soon! =D

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