Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Update

Hiya peeps! Good grief! What happened to January? Feels like it was only a week long. =P

Anywho, I wanted to write a quick post to update what's been going on with my writing. Nothing major or Earth-shattering, I promise.

Really, the biggest update is I've had a difficult time getting back into writing. As always, my life seems to act like a roller coaster, with fluctuating highs and lows. In the lows, I have far more time and energy to write, and I generally pump out a book. In the highs, there is more going on, and I have far more things to focus on, besides writing. It really is a luxury at times, to be able to write.

At the moment, this year has started out on quite the high, and I'm not sure when there will be a break for me to fit in some writing. Lots of great things, with growth in several other areas, which is awesome!

I will keep writing though! I'm definitely going to be getting back to my books soon, once my other projects settle down a bit more. I'm still deciding between two manuscripts I have prepped. I just can't seem to choose between them! They're both so good, and would each be fun! Almost want to write them simultaneously...

I'm sure once I focus on writing again, and have time to bring it to the front burners, I'll be able to pick one. Hopefully. Maybe?

Anyway, hope you're all doing great, finding awesome books to read, and if you're a writer, I hope your writing is going better than mine! =D

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