Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Question for Reviewers Turned Authors

Hiya guys & dolls, hope your weekend is starting out great!

If you saw my last post, you'll know I'm getting back into reading this year. I missed reading last year as I focused on writing my own books, and I want to balance to two sides of book love this year.

What comes with reading though, is reviewing, because that's just part of me. As I get back into reading, my reviewing will automatically kick back up.

Something I've been trying to figure out the past few weeks though, is how to post reviews. I made separate accounts for my author business, since I'm technically writing under a pen name (Roze instead of Rose). What I'm finding though, is it's difficult to be active on sites like Goodreads with book activity on my author account, since everything I read is already being put as activity for my previous reviewer account.

I know I'm not the only reviewer-turned-author out there, and I know it's nearly impossible for reviewers like us to stop reviewing once we merge into the author side. What do we do?

Basically, I'm curious of how other authors have handled this situation. Did you keep your reviewer stuff going on it's own, or did you blend it in with your author stuff? When you post a review for a book now, do you post it as a reviewer/blogger, or as an author? Did you start separate profiles and whatnot, for your author business (on Goodreads, Amazon, social media, etc.).

I'd love to hear how you handle your reviews, or if you know authors who review books, how do they post them?

Leave a comment below, so I can figure out what to do this year! =D

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