Friday, November 3, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017

Hiya peeps! Hope your November is starting off awesome! I'm excited to share an update with you guys, cuz of course, I'm doing #NaNoWriMo 2017!!

I've actually come up with a possible title and synopsis already, although I'm not going to share those until I've got more of the book written, and know they will be fairly solid.

What I do have, is nearly 10K written so far! Whoop whoop!

It's shaping up to be a sci-fi adventure, which is a completely new genre for me, writing wise. I love to read them, but this should be an interesting experience, writing one. The flow so far is fantastic, and I'm loving where it's headed so far.

I hope you'll keep up with my writing adventure this month, and see if I can finish this bad boy! If I get my editor to finish it quickly enough, I may have another 2017 release.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Psychological Thriller!

Hiya peeps! I've got an exciting announcement for you today - whoot!

As most of you know, I published A Throne for a Dog on Sept 2nd, and am planning on starting NaNo this year. That gave me a little under two months to fill.

As it looked to me, I could either twiddle my thumbs, waiting for November to start, or I could have fun writing a horror story. I went with the latter, figuring even if it ended up a novella, it would be fun!

I've never written anything like this before, but I had so much fun with it! So, without further adieu, here's a surprise book, available for pre-order, and releasing on Halloween!

Marco Polo Psycho

 Marco Polo Psycho
~Released: October 31st, 2017

~Length: 48 Pages

~Genres: Adult, Psychological Thriller, Novella


Finding true love is the ultimate fantasy. What happens, when you fall in love with a psycho?

Jessie gets wrapped up in the plans of a psychotic serial killer. Will she survive, or will Roger add her to his list of kills?

From sickly sweet to terrifying horror, this book is sure to give you a few thrills, and trust me - it doesn't have a happy ending.

Be sure to pre-order a copy, and have a perfect little read on Halloween Day! =D

Friday, September 1, 2017

Surprise Release: Medieval Fantasy!

Hiya peeps!! I'm super excited to share my new surprise release with you! Just came out today, hot off the Amazon presses!

This was such a fun book to write! It is a mash-up of genres, which is always a blast. Similar in nature to films like "A Knight's Tale" and "Willow" this book combines modern comedy with medieval time-period.

With majik (magic) and some mysterious wolves (no one shape shifts, don't worry), this story is sure to entertain, make you laugh, and give some excitement during the fight scenes!

Clean and modest, this book is fitting for any age, no cliffhanger, and is a stand-alone novel.

Pick up a copy today, and check it out for yourself! =D

A Throne for a Dog

 A Throne for a Dog
~ReleasedSeptember 1st, 2017

~Length: 188 Pages

~GenresFantasy, Medieval

A prince, majik, and a wolf-girl. What more do you need?

When Conor and his band of goof-ball men stumble upon a woman living with a pack of wolves, they had no clue what to expect, or how their lives would change.

No, these aren’t werewolves. However, they are dangerous, and the wolf-girl has several secrets. 

As the prince and his family discover more about her, their kingdom is turned sideways, igniting a centuries-old feud.

Will Conor survive the wolf-girl, or will this mutt take his throne?

Pick Up Your Copy Today!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What are you writing?

Hiya guys! Hope your week is starting out well. =)

I'm getting back in my writing groove, and working on my current manuscript (name to come...eventually lol). It feels so good to be writing again though!

It got me wondering, since it's the Summer shift in writing schedules, what are you writing? Are you finishing a book, starting one, working on the middle meat of one? I'm curious!

Plus, I want to connect with other authors more, so let me know what you're working on! Comment below, and be sure to have a fantastic day/week/month! =D

Friday, June 2, 2017

Swirling Secrets Re-Release!

Hiya peeps, and TGIF!

Hopefully you all are doing awesome, and have some fun plans for this weekend. I'm super excited, because I'm finally re-releasing my Swirling Secrets trilogy!

I've been working on this project for nearly a year - even before I published the final book in the series. I wanted to get the covers just right, and I wanted to re-do the interior formatting, but needed to figure out a few things first. As I learn about self-publishing, my knowledge and understanding has grown, and unfortunately, it out-grew where I had been when I published this series. Especially Desi Pere. That seems pretty typical for this biz, and really, what can ya do.

It's all a learning process, and I'm glad to finally feel comfortable enough to get this series re-published! It matches what I imagined for it from the start, finally. I'm super proud of the story and world I created in this trilogy, and I am excited to finally get it polished up the way it deserves!

The new house is definitely a big reason I finally got it done. Not only because we are settling in and there is less stress now, but also because it's a wonderful space, and I feel a whole lot more creative here. This project normally would have taken me at least a week, and I got all four of my books done in a day and a half, completely overhauled & redone. Wowza! =D

So, before I explode any more excitement and gushing all over you guys, check out the new covers!! =D

 Desi Pere

 Sospi Tare

 Prae Lium

The overall cover themes are the same, but the few changes I did make really help them pop, I think. I love the title font, and each image really catches your eye. At least, that's what beta testers said. ;)

The majority of the formatting changes happened to the paperback editions, as eBook formatting is fairly generic, and you don't really get to have the same fun with fonts and whatnot. At least I'm not - I'd rather let a reader choose their fonts, and keep it simple, since that's part of the point of eReaders.

So, for those of you who enjoy paperbacks, there are a few special changes in each of the paperback books! In my opinion, they have far more personality now, and it all fits the story much better.

It does take a few days for Amazon to catch up and get everything set up, so I'll share another post next week when they are ready for purchasing. It is supposed to take 1-3 business days, so fingers crossed for the beginning of next week!

If you are planning to pick up a copy, I truly appreciate it! I couldn't imagine a better outcome to the re-release! =D

You may have noticed, earlier in this post I mentioned I reformatted and overhauled all four of my books. Yep! While this post is only featuring the Swirling Secrets series, I'll have a post coming up real soon featuring the re-release of Being Brooke's B.F.F.

Keep an eye out for that, and let me know what you think of these covers in the comments below!

Thanks for visiting! =D

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We Bought A House!!

Hiya guys!! I've got an exciting update to share with you today!

Honestly, it's been a rough couple of months. I've been stressed and unable to focus on writing much at all, which sucks! It's been for a good reason though, and now that it's over, it was worth it.

Okay, background:

We submitted an offer on a house in the beginning of February, right? Everything looked good, closing date was mid March. That's what I planned on. That was the goal. Should have been a simple, easy purchase. First time VA home buyer loan, good credit, close to no debt. Only way it could have been more simple, was if we bought the house with cash. In a military town, our loan type is seen all over the place, and is super quick. We were stoked!

Of course, our life is never that easy.

Everything that could have been messed up with our loan process and purchase process, was messed up. I could list a ton of things that happened, but really, I don't want to go over it all again, because it'll just ruin my whole day to think of it all.

To keep it simple, the biggest wrench in the whole process, was the fact the wrong loan was submitted, due to incompetence from our loan officer.

Every single meeting & phone call must have gone in one ear and out the other, because all we talked to her about, was the loan we needed. She put in a completely different loan that didn't apply to any of our qualifications, and then was surprised when we didn't get approved! No shit, Sherlock! Seriously, how do you even do that?

We ended up calling her boss, because she took three vacations in six weeks, leaving us and three other loans completely hanging. It escalated to the president of the company, who was beyond pissed. I'll be surprised if she keeps her job, tbh. The mistakes she made weren't simply unethical and unprofessional, several were completely illegal.

By the grace of God, the sellers worked with us, and extended more times than they should have had to. We are so grateful to them for being patient and so willing to work with our crazy loan lady basically dropping her job to run off only God knows where, and screw a bunch of people over.

Bottom line, Karma is gonna bite that woman hard. I just wish I had some popcorn.

God blessed it though, and somehow, we finally managed to close on our house!!!

We are now, officially homeowners! Whoot!

It took more than twice as long as it was supposed to, but we are finally done! We closed about a week ago, and have been breaking our backs trying to get everything moved. The landlord at our rental house has been patiently waiting for us to move out, as we had given him our notice in March (before we realized we had to start the entire loan process over to get the correct loan). He's been waiting to get people in to make it sell-ready though, so there's been a lot of pressure to get this all wrapped up quickly.

We are moving the last bit of stuff (hopefully) tonight, and should be done!

I'm exhausted and have more injuries than I can count, but at the end of the day, I'm in an amazing house that we fought hard to get. It's an amazing place to be, has amazing views, and will be wonderful for writing and growing our various businesses & projects. God has blessed us far more than we deserve, and it's simply wonderful to be here.

God is amazing, and He definitely pulled us through one of the most stressful times in our adult lives so far. Can't wait to be finished moving in, and collapse for a week.

My writing should pick back up soon, once I get my office area set up. I'm still hoping to get the book I'm writing published this Summer, and have another manuscript I'm itching to get started on! Whoot!

It's been a long three months so far, and anyone who's bought a house knows the stress of the first time home purchase process. It's crazy, there are more hoops to jump through than I could have imagined, but it worked out. I have a house. It's mine.

I'm home.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Do You Review?

Hiya peeps! I'm writing a blog post shamelessly asking for reviews, cuz more exposure and self-promotion and all that. Ah, indie author life. =P

Anyway, basically this is a request to reviewers. I don't currently have spare time to email awesome-sauce reviewers one-on-one, or even compile a mailing list. So, for the moment, I am compromising by posting some quick blog posts, instead of doing nothing.

I have helped indie authors promote their books for years, but you never really know how difficult it is until you become an indie author yourself! I've always held a lot of respect for indie peeps, but that's gone to a whole new level the past year and a half, that's for sure.

So, from this blogger-turned-indie-author, I'd love to connect with some reviewers! If you would be interested in reviewing any of my books, I would appreciate it greatly!!

The first book in my YA Adventure series is currently FREE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. If it sounds interesting, please consider picking up a copy and leaving a review once you've finished - I would appreciate it!

Second, and probably at this point, more importantly, is my stand-alone NA contemporary novel. It has no reviews!! I published it quickly in December, and haven't been able to promote it much, which is totally my fault, but yikes! I've had several people read it, but I'm not getting any reviews on it yet.

If you would like to review that one, I have it up on Instafreebie here, and it's also available on Kindle Unlimited. I would adore some reviews for that one, as I don't even know if it's any good yet! No one has told me anything! Gah! If it sounds interesting, please consider reading and reviewing it.

I'm hoping to get some better promotions going this Summer, but my family is currently in a transition that's taking far longer than it was supposed to, and I'm simply treading water trying to keep from drowning til that's finished.

If you wouldn't mind helping a girl out, I would appreciate it so much. It's difficult to ask for help, or put your stuff out there, so hopefully this didn't come off too pushy!

Also, if you have any suggestions on how to promote and publicize books as an indie author, I'm always on the look out for great ideas!

Either way, thanks for the support, and for checking out my blog. Hope you have a fantastic week! =D

Monday, May 1, 2017

Advice Needed, Please!!

Hiya peeps! I have a dilemma, and I would love your help!

I've asked a couple of times on social media, but my actual question seems to get missed. So, I'm going to try an actual blog post, with a simple poll at the end.

Like many indie authors now-a-days, I started out as a reader, blogger & reviewer. I still have my reviewer services, and have a whole little corner of the internet dedicated to that, and I'm really proud of it!

Ever since I became a published author, however, I've encountered a problem I hadn't anticipated: reviewing and promoting other author's books, as an author.

I decided to publish my books under a pen name, although it's a minute difference: Rose vs Roze (my pen name). Still, I have my author stuff pretty separate from my book review world, and that blog. I don't know if that was a smart move, but that's how I set it up.

Now, as I try and get more social in the author circles of the book world, I'm starting to get more and more review requests, to my author platforms.

My question, is this: Do you review books as an author, if you're already an established blogger/reviewer? Esp with a separate pen name?

As an author, would you prefer a review to come from an established reviewer, or a fairly unknown author?

I definitely plan to respond and reply to all requests sent to my author platforms, I just don't always know the best way to respond! I'm used to reviewing as Desert Rose Reviews, because that's just my norm for reviewing, and it's comfortable. However, if it isn't something that bothers other people, maybe I should start reviewing as Author Roze?

Should I just leave it up to the author? If you received a reply from an author saying they'd rater review on their reviewer platform, apart from their author pen name, would that be disappointing? Would you be looking forward to the review coming from another author?

Basically, it's kind of a poll:

1) It wouldn't bother you to be re-directed to the reviewer platforms, and not have a review by the author platform specifically - either way, you just want a review.

2) You'd rather be reviewed by an author, than a reviewer, if given the option.

3) You'd rather be reviewed by an established reviewer, than a fairly unknown author.

4) You'd like to have both platforms cited in the review, showing the diversity of the person reviewing.

I'd really love to hear what you guys think, because I want to be the most helpful I possibly can to the book community!

Thanks in advance!