Friday, December 2, 2016

New Novel!!

Hiya peeps!!

I'm so excited today! I know I have literally been silent for an entire month, but for good reason!

As most of you know, I participated in NaNoWriMo last month. I had several things challenge my writing time, such as a couple weeks of a few pets dying, which took their toll. Once I had composed myself from that, I had a week where I ended up getting sick, bad enough to keep me in bed. I'm not someone who can write/create well when I'm that sick, so I wasn't able to do much in that week. When I was better from that, it was Thanksgiving, and family time.

So really, I wrote this book in three and a half days. Less than four days!! I'm so friggin' proud of myself!!

I won NaNoWriMo (reached the 50K word goal), in less than four days, with more challenges than I would have thought possible. Booya, baby!

If there wasn't any other signs that I'm supposed to do this with my life, that is definitely one for me to hold onto.

Anyway, I'm back, and ready to publish this sucker!

At the moment, Ken hasn't edited it yet (he's sick as well), so I am relying on my own editing skills - hopefully it's not terrible!

Why don't you just wait to publish it til it's been edited? You may be asking...

Well, here's my wacky reasoning: Since I have published my other three books this year on the second of their respective release months, I want to stick with that for this book as well. I think that's an awesome thing to be able to say - four books in a year, all published on the second day of the month. Cool, right? I think so. Besides, I'm an editor as well, so I should be able to edit my own books as well. I simply feel better having fresh editing eyes going over it.

That's another thing I'm still wrapping my head around too, though - I've now published FOUR books this year!!

FOUR books in 2016!!

While I wrote the first book in 2014 and 2015, I WROTE THREE BOOKS this year, alone!

I'm pretty gosh darn proud of myself, tbh. *pats myself on the back*

All this to say, I will be sharing a release post for my new book this afternoon, once I'm sure it's all ready to go and readable on Kindle!

I will be waiting to upload the paperback version, simply because I do have far more formatting with that, before I can publish it. I automatically set up books to be formatting for Kindle from the get-go, so I can basically auto-publish them once they are ready. Makes Kindles easy, but paperbacks are far more work, and can't really be formatted from the start - at least, not the way I write.

SO! Once Ken's edited it, and given me the go-ahead, I will be releasing a paperback version as well!

Excited to share this book with you. Stay tuned!

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