Monday, September 5, 2016

Rave Review for Desi Pere!

Hiya guys! I just had to share this with you. On Sept 3rd, a reader left a fantastic review for "Desi Pere" on Amazon!

I'm so humbled by this review. It's not someone I know, I don't even know who it is. They review books often, but are simply listed as an "Amazon Customer." Whoever it is, they've nearly brought me to tears with their words.

Here's what they said:

"Creative, Adventurous - Fun!

Entertaining, quirky, creative, and adventurous – this book is a lot of fun. Full of excitement and antics (I love how the character Magnhild thinks and reacts), any book that makes me laugh aloud more than a handful of times gets a high rating on my scale. The freak’s special powers are cool. I also enjoyed the “tension” developing between Magnhild and Breasal. This novel is an “X-Men meets Dr. Evil” kind of young adult paranormal adventure."

Wowza!! I'm just blown away, and completely stoked about this.

I want to end this story perfectly, and this review is a wonderful boost to my spirit.

Thanks a ton, reviewer, you rock! =D

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