Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Are Authors Such Ass-Holes??

Not all authors, mind you. There are tons of really nice authors out there, for sure.

When an author is an asshole though, it's kind of ridiculous! As far as assholes go, they can rank up there in the highest spots. Seriously.

They start taking spelling mistakes waaaay too seriously, some even unfriending people on social media for using a "common" word wrong, or misspelling it.

That's actually what prompted this post - I saw some rant on Facebook by an author with a telephone pole stuck up his butt, apparently. This egomaniac was saying how he can't respect anyone who spells a word wrong in a simple Facebook post, and if they call themselves an author, he'll unfriend them right then and there. (He had a couple of misspelled "simple" words in his post, ranting about misspellings...)

Well, you know what, we're better off without your overly judgmental, micromanaging ass anyway. Have a wonderful, miserable life, cuz that's what that attitude leads to.

People are human, they make mistakes. Including authors - even spelling or grammar mistakes. That's why there are editors. Authors rarely edit themselves, and if they do, they still hire another editor to go over their work, because people are human and *gasp* make mistakes. And on social media, the bar is slightly lowered.

Now, I can understand people who go a bit overboard, spelling kindergarten words wrong, or spelling stuff ridiculous ('your' becomes ur, or 'two' becomes 2). But a random wrong word, and they're out. Sheesh. Get a life, buddy.

I saw another rant the other day by a woman getting angry at people inviting her to like their author pages. Why get mad at that?? If you don't want to like the page, ignore it! Or, take two seconds out of your precious day, click the damn button, and support your fellow authors! For heaven's sake, it doesn't need to be all that dramatic!

Moral of this rant: life is too damn short to make people feel bad for existing, mistakes and all. Let it go, move on. I'd love if people could stop posting hateful rants on Facebook. (And yes, I see the irony in the fact I'm now ranting about the idiotic ranters - see the cycle, it's not pretty.)

Now, can we all be happy now? Who want's ice cream?

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