Sunday, November 29, 2015

Update: Touching Things Up!

Bonjour lovelies!  How are you?  Hopefully wonderful =)

I thought it was time for an update, and I'm so nervous!  Tbh, this whole author thing is overwhelming.

The writing part is fantastic, and I love it.  The publishing part though, not so much.  Which is why I've been writing since I was six, and have yet to publish anything, beyond local stuff.

I'm finally taking the plunge though, and getting everything figured out.  I'm sure every newbie author can relate to the butterflies in my stomach.  Especially indie authors, as that's the route I've decided to go, for now.  Yikes!  Haha

I'm not naturally a "Hey, look at me!" type person, and just having blogs the past few years has pushed me to my limits.  As those are expanding however, I'm finding the idea of self-publishing more tangible.

I'm in the final stages of editing at the moment, preparing to prepare (lol) to send my manuscript to beta-readers.  I'm generating a list, and getting that all set up.  (If you'd like to beta-read for me, feel free to send me an email or PM!)

In addition to that, I've been reading different articles on advice for new authors the past few weeks.  They all gave me that face-palm moment, as I realized how unintentionally far behind I am.  I didn't have a website, newsletter, or any kind of social media set up, which apparently, is a big waste of opportunity.

So, as I now realize I need to set up author stuff, so I can promote the book when it's published, that's what I've spent the better part of the past week doing.  Yikes.

All this to say, I'm so busy, and overwhelmed!  I really am loving it though, and am so glad to be doing this.

For any already-published or soon-to-be-published authors, do you have any other advice or tips you'd like to share?  I'm always happy to take suggestions =)

If you'd like to sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, or check out my website, I'd be honored! =D

Thanks so much for visiting, and for reading.  I appreciate it =)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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